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Harvest Ball Society

Founded in 1987 under the leadership of Patty Garney and Sandra Doolin Mellinger, the Harvest Ball Society has become the largest not-for-profit organization devoted to raising funds for charities serving causes primarily in the Northland. Proceeds from the Society’s events benefit programs and services that enrich, stabilize, and strengthen the lives of adults and children within our community.

Each year, the Harvest Ball Society designates 5 to 10 percent of its net proceeds for future needs. Spanning three decades, the Society has provided financial support to more than 84 charities.


Respond to the evolving needs of the Northland through inspired philanthropy. 

Vision-Driven Tagline:

Harvesting the power of giving in the Northland.

Shared Values:

Integrity, Accountability & Transparency understanding community needs before determining grant recipients and allocating funds, being trustworthy stewards of donor funds, being transparent in our processes

Love of the Northland demonstrating a deep and abiding commitment

Collaboration partnering with donors, charities and the communities we serve

Resilience & Responsiveness being aware and ready to respond, as community needs change.

Leadership training and mentoring emerging leaders, supporting experienced leaders, connecting to other leaders in the community

Context respecting the past, caring about the present, keeping an eye on the future

Diversity valuing the contributions of all

Experiences doing meaningful work while having fun and making friends








Karla Elenz Martinez

Karla Elenz Martinez

Executive Director
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Board of Directors

  • President

    Jan Kauk

    First Vice President

    Paula Barba

    Second Vice President

    Julie Randolph

    Past President

    Chris Evans


    Brandy Colson


    Gretchen Gold


    Mary Jo Burton

    Karen Dolt

    Becky Fisk

    Nancy Holmes

    Kellie Houx

    Ann Holwick

    Michel Kaiser

    Jeanne Leitze

    Sarah Martin

    Jennifer Reed

    Kimberlee Ried

    Silvia Torres

    Lori Tritz

    Candi Sweeney

    Linda Ward


    Karin Andrade
    Renee Austin
    Verna Austin
    Bridget Bagby
    Mary Bruening Ball
    Schatzi Ball
    Paula Barba
    Pam Barrett
    Marilyn Barth
    Pennie Beane
    Melanie Beard
    Libby Blair
    Lisa Bone
    Janet Bono
    Stephanie Boscarino
    Linda Brandom
    Mary Jo Burton
    Fran Bussey
    Judy Chastain
    Pat Clouser
    Mara Cohara
    Brandy Colson
    Mary Cross
    Allison Darling
    Katherine DeBruce
    Juliana (Julie) Denney
    Nancy Dillingham
    Karen Dolt
    Emily Donnelli-Sallee
    Veda Donner
    Elizabeth Reid Dotson
    Mary Ann Dunham
    Chris Evans
    Judy Ferguson
    Debra Ferrantelle
    Dianne Ferrell
    Becky Fisk
    Pattie French
    Mindy Flanagan
    Valleri Gaiser
    Patty Garney
    Angela Gaskill
    Mona Gauer
    Mary Grace Gerstner
    Courtney Goddard
    Gretchen Gold
    Anita Gorman
    Ginny Gudmundsson
    Lisa Hallier
    Elizabeth (Beth) Hamilton
    Janet Hampton
    Donna Heady
    Amy Heithoff-Dominguez
    Audra Heller
    Melissa Henry
    Sara Hoecker
    Nancy Holmes
    Ann Holwick
    Kellie Houx
    Muriel Hull
    Kaleena James
    Emilie Jester
    Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnston
    Maria Jordan
    Michel Ann Kaiser
    Audra Kamin
    Jan Kauk
    Kirby Kavanaugh
    Patricia Kendrick Kegin
    Janet Kenny
    Carol Kuhns
    Jerri Landsberg
    Liz Lathrop
    Jeanne Leitze
    Linda Lenza
    Jan Lewis
    Kim Logan
    Luanne Loggan
    Sarah Martin
    Jan Mast
    Christy May
    Lynn Mayabb-Peavey
    Jinny McCoy
    Paula McKeon
    Judy McRuer
    Sandra Doolin Mellinger
    Joan Metzger
    Kay Lynne Myers
    Brenda Newton
    Cara Painter
    Christine Parrish
    Cindy Pederson
    Kristi Pittman
    Shirley Pryor
    Kelsey Pulkrabek
    Julie Randolph
    Jen Reed
    Jaclyn Reilly
    Barbara Reynaud
    Gerry Rhodes
    Kimberlee Ried
    Chuck Risley
    Dianne Risley
    Karen Rumble
    Jackie Russell
    Mary Sallee
    Roswitha Schaffer
    Catherine Schembri
    Suzie Schuckman
    Jolene Shaw
    Karin Shaughnessey
    Jennifer Short
    Anne Sizemore
    Michelle Smith
    Candy Sneed
    Amy Snively
    Kathryn Spencer
    Cheryl Steinkamp
    Valerie Swearingen
    Candi Sweeney
    Irene Thomas
    Nancy Thompson
    Ellen Todd
    Ann Tootle
    Milt Tootle
    Silvia Torres
    Patsy Triplett
    Lori Tritz
    Eileen Van Tasell
    Karma Vowell
    Linda Ward
    Jill Watson
    Christi Weaver
    Barbara Wells
    Ashley Wilson
    Marte Zirschky


  • The Harvest Ball Society would like to introduce you to our 2016 Provisional members. These members will serve their first year period of active service. This provisional status allows them to learn the ropes and get to know the 30-year history and the future direction of this philanthropic organization.

     Melanie Beard
     Nancy Bramlett
     Ashley Sweeney-Emmons
     Mindy Flanagan
     Mary Grace Gerstner
     Beth Gibson
     Elizabeth “Beth” Hamilton
     Kaleena James
     Kirby Kavanaugh
     Christy May
     Cara Painter
     Mindy Powell
     Karin Shaughnessey
     Karma Vowell
     Karen Weith

  • 1987 Sandra Doolin Aust
    1988 Sharon Butler Payne
    1989 Judy Ferguson
    1990 Barbara Stuckey
    1991 Cindy Pratt-Stokes/Patty Garney
    1992 Patty Garney
    1993 Irene Thomas and Patsy Triplett
    1994 Jinny McCoy
    1995 Judy Chastain and Michelle Smith
    1996 Linda Doolin Ward
    1997 Sylvia Coma
    1998 Nancy Dillingham
    1999 Candy Sneed
    2000 Chuck and Dianne Risley
    2001 Janet Bono and Muriel Hull
    2002 Kay Lynne Myers
    2003 Libby Blair and Karen Rumble
    2004 Mona Gauer
    2005 Gerry Rhodes
    2006 Michelle Carpenter, Ann Holwick and Mary Sallee
    2007 Linda Brandom and Jennifer Short
    2008 Linda Lenza and Nancy Thompson
    2009 Karen Dolt and Eileen Van Tasell
    2010 Mary Bruening and Cindy Lang
    2011 Patty Garney
    2012 Roswitha Schaffer
    2013 Jerri Landsberg
    2014 Michel Ann Kaiser
    2015 Chris Evans