Become a Beneficiary

Apply To Become A Beneficiary

The March 1st deadline for 2012 applications has been reached. Please visit this page again in January of 2013 to apply to become a beneficiary.

Who may apply:

• Tax exempt 501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1) organizations serving the Northland

Harvest Ball Society will not fund:

• Individual needs
• Scholarships
• Capital campaign requests
• Any multi-year funding commitment
• Private foundations
• Organizations that restrict choices or limit options
• Political parties, candidates, issues or political activities
• Programs primarily established for evangelical purposes
• Programs of religious organizations that provide services to anyone
regardless of race, religion or ethnicity will be considered for funding

Funding accountability:

• The 2012 grant recipients will be selected in April 2012. The grant amount will be determined at the conclusion of all fundraising activities and will be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Harvest Ball Society, which is held during the last two weeks of January 2013.

• Selection as a grant recipient in any past year does not guarantee or imply selection in future years.

• Each applicant should ensure their application reflects not only the value of the services provided by the organization, but the necessity for additional funding to meet the charitable purposes of the organization during the upcoming year.

• A representative of any organization selected for funding may be invited to make a brief presentation describing services at a meeting of the Harvest Ball Society during the funding year.

• By submitting an application, each grant recipient agrees to make itself available for an on-site visit to allow observation of the conduct of its charitable activities by members of the Charity Selection Committee.

• Grant recipients will be given an opportunity to support various Harvest Ball Society activities, including the annual Style Show and Harvest Ball.

Completed Application and all attachments must be post-marked on or before MARCH 1, 2012 and mailed to: Harvest Ball Society, PO Box 34423, North Kansas City, MO 64116